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Teng-teng or also known as ketingting is often playing by girls rather than boys. It also is not hard game although used many energy. Teng-teng played by a group of children where there are 2 or 4 people in a court. This is because there is not fixed rule for the number of people in field. But if there more 4 players in a court there will be difficult to play teng-teng because it has small space.

Court/area & briquette
In rural area they made the box only on the ground. In residential area or town that no bare yard, they use chalk to drawn on the paved road. There are nine boxes. Like this:

You also need briquet as mark the position.

1)       The player must throw the briquette into first box. Once done beyond 1st player the second and subsequent throw briquet is the same way. Players will missing turn if briquets not enter into the specified box or out of the box. Once players die or lose the turn, the other player will play.
2)     Players are required to jump into the box with one leg except nine compartments with both feet. For players who have just started the game in which marbles are in the box first, and then the player should jump straight into the second box and the next box.

3) Once the player jump back to the start line, arriving at the second and fourth compartments, the player must step on the right foot in the second compartment and the left foot in the fourth compartment. After that, the player is required to jump into the third compartment with only one leg, and the next marbles must be collected at the pole then jump to the pole and continue to the finish line.

4) Each player is not allowed to step on the box where the biquet are in it either his own or the opponent. If this is the case it is assumed dead, the next player's turn to take over the game.

Winner is calculated based on the highest number of houses that can be collected by players.

Considered dead if the player were thrown and legs hit the line box, the briquette does not get thrown into the proper box, and change players foot during turns. In addition, players will be considered dead when stepping forgot both legs simultaneously into the wing of the left leg in the box left and right foot in the right wing box, the players are not stepping on two feet simultaneously in the box and stepped foot house to house opponents .
It easy right? Let’s play teng-teng!!!

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